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Mike's Message

My name is Mike Perri and I am running for the District 2 seat of the Fort Pierce City Commission. I have been a resident of Ft. Pierce for the past 63 years.


 Past public services include;

The City of Ft Pierce Planning Board

 The Board of Adjustments

 Ft Pierce Utilities Authority Board

St Lucie County Housing Finance Authority.


 Education includes ;

Graduated from St. Rose High Carbondale, PA Class of 1955 

General Motors Institute, Flint MI 1957.

Proudly served in the United States Army Reserves from 1959-1964.


Please Subscribe to my page/newsletter and feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions or concerns about my campaign platform.


* City Commissioner will be my only job. I will be in my office at City Hall most working days and my phone will will be on 24/7.

* I have no business or organizational interests that would take time away from my duties, or that would influence my vote on any issues before the Commission. I will base my vote solely on the best interest of our citizens.


*As your elected representative I may feel the need to attend meetings of the Ft Pierce Utilities Authority, the St Lucie County Fire Rescue, the Ft Pierce Planning Board, St. Lucie County Commission and any other meetings that may have an impact on our citizens.

*I'll be working to keep government spending in check, reduce the tax burden on our citizens and monitor purchases of all departments, review the business practices of all departments that deal with the safety and well being of the citizens of our City and scrutinize the budget carefully.

*Encouraging the recruitment and development of new businesses and explore opportunities to help established businesses better serve their customers and our community.

*All questions will be answered to the best of my ability, I will never respond with a "no comment" about issues that impact our city.

*I will strive to improve the cooperation of the City with St Lucie County or any other entity of Government.


*Advocating for term limits for our elected officials will be among some of the goals I will pursue.


*Whatever the outcome, I'm committed to having all my signs picked up and removed before the sun goes down Wednesday, the day after the election!